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E-signature meets Privacy

Woleet Sign is the e-Signature solution for those who highly value their privacy.


This easy-to-use solution help you creating undisputable and legally-binding electronic signatures without exposing the content of the documents signed to anyone but the signatories.

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100% Confidential

Woleet does not process your documents, only their fingerprints. Your confidential data does not come out of your own storage system. You can now sign highly confidential documents using a secure SaaS solution.

Easy to use

The whole signature experience is optimized and shorten with a clear and simple interface where users can manage their contact book, create and monitor signature requests or download full audit trails containing all the blockchain signature proofs.

Compatible with all jurisdictions

Woleet Sign combines cryptography standards and Woleet ’s universal evidence creation system to enable the verification of e-signatures anywhere in the world. This results in the creation of a detailed audit trail.

Protect personal data

Unlike other e-signature solutions, Woleet Sign does not involve giving away your personal data. Our solution is fully compliant with the GDPR ; signatories personal data, required for a signature, stay protected and is not shared in any other context.

About Us

Woleet is a French startup created in 2016. The cofounders wanted to democratize digital security and minimize centralized trust. We provide a new approach to digital trust based on blockchain. With the Woleet platform, all companies will be able to create irrefutable international evidence of electronic signature and timestamp all necessary data.

24, Bis Rue Maréchal Joffre, 35000 Rennes, France

(+33) 9 61 64 97 72